Our Speciality Coffee

Rwenzori Coffee Co has operated as a wholesale coffee bean supplier, shipping coffee from Uganda to the UK since 2018. During this time we have worked with the farmers to improve their production of speciality arabica coffee which is now regarded as one of the very best in the whole of East Africa.

Offer List

NamePackgingHarvestProcessProfile Price Band APrice Band BPrice Band C
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60 Kg Grainpro lined jute sacksOctober 2021WashedBright acidity, very clean, full bodied with a great balance1 - 3 sacks £6.50 per Kg4 sacks+ £6.20 per Kg10 sacks + £5.90 per Kg
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30 Kg Grainpro lined jute sacksOctober 2021NaturalRed fruit acidity and sweetness, long sweet finish with good body and balance1-5 sacks £7.30 per Kg6 sacks + £7.00 per Kg20 sacks + £6.70 per Kg
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30 Kg Grainpro lined jute sacksOctober 2021NaturalTropical notes, a juicy mouthfeel, very clean and well balanced1-5 sacks £7.30 per Kg6 sacks + £7.00 per Kg20 sacks + £6.70 per Kg

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A Perfect Location

Arabica Coffee has been grown in the Rwenzori region of Uganda for as long as anyone can remember, and the conditions of high rainfall, altitude from 1300 to over 2000 masl, and rich volcanic soils are perfect for the production of top quality speciality arabica coffee. Practically all coffee is grown by smallholder farmers. The typical size of plot is between 1 and 2 acres. The main varietals are SL28 and SL14, but with a range of other older varietals which contribute to the rich complexity of the coffee produced.

In the past, coffee from this area has not had a good reputation. Poor harvesting and processing and long delays in processing and shipping resulted in an inconsistent, unreliable and low grade product.

Agri Evolve is committed to turning that around, and since 2016 we have seen a significant improvement. Motivating the farmers to harvest only red cherries by paying top price for the very best cherries is where it starts, and then careful processing and adhering to the highest standards, together with training and support for the farmers results in a high quality product. Rwenzori coffee is typically bright, fruity, clean and complex which regularly scores 84 and above. We select the very best from each harvest to bring to the UK. Rwenzori coffee is traditionally processed as a Natural but we are also developing and encouraging the production of a high quality Fully Washed coffee

We supply our coffee to UK roasters under the Rwenzori Coffee Co trading name

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